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Discover a comprehensive range of professional services at NYC GROUP. From seminars to accounting, auditing, legal, and tax solutions, we’ve got you covered. Simplify your business needs with our expert support, all in one place.

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Seminar Services

  • Public seminars focusing on accounting, finance, tax, and management
  • In house training specially designed for clients
  • Specific period of training as requested by clients
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Accounting Services

  • Design of accounting systems
  • Review and record of business transaction
  • Preparation of financial statements, accounting reports along with business analysis concerned
  • Implementation of budgets and actual variance comments
  • Advice on other accounting matters
  • Payroll preparation and payment
  • Special project related to accounting such as stock taking, fixed assets physically verification and tagging
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Auditing Services

  • Full statutory external audit
  • Internal audit
  • Accounting system review
  • Design of internal control
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Legal Services

  • Company incorporation and registration
  • Article of Association, Affidavit registration and amendment
  • Company ID, Tax ID request and revision
  • Company lawyer for civil court case ie; Cheque suing
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Tax Services

  • Strategic tax planning
  • Tax advisor
  • Company representative or coordinator for Revenue Department case
  • Other advice related to Revenue code

Seminar services

Our seminar and training services are focusing on accounting, finance, tax   and management and most importantly led by specialists and experts of each areas.

Also, In house training and specific period of training are designed to meet the requirement of clients namely mini MBA program for management etc.

Plus, our seminar and training clients bear such renowned names as listed companies of Security Exchange of Thailand (SET) and multinational companies (MNC) based in Thailand.

Currently, NYC seminar is recognized as a leading seminar provider of Thailand supported by the mentioned clients.

Accounting services

Accounting Services is responsible for recording and processing of complete, accurate and timely financial information to be used for reporting, management, planning and business decision making.
Responsibilities also include maintenance of the general ledger and preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end financial reports, details of account, reconciliations. Accounting also maintains the chart of accounts, monitor cash flow statements for operation, investing and financing, coordinate with and responds to external and internal audits for both legal and company policy requirement.

Our accounting service division offers a complete range of financial services to a wide variety of businesses type and size.  On one end of the spectrum, we can provide total comprehensive accounting support including system set up transaction processing, and reporting preparation as per the policy of company. At other end, if all your need is platform support, we can provide a fully integrated and modern system that can be configured to meet the financial needs of any organization. We can also provide services at any level in between.
We help client to solve specific accounting problems or assist in case of a breakdown in the accounting system. We can determine whether the problem is system, personnel, or transaction-based and then propose and implement the most appropriate solution, including, where necessary, staff training. We can recreate historic accounting records, ensuring that you have a clean set of book going forwards, particularly from a tax perspective.

We provide full payroll services, not only providing services more cost-effectively than many companies can provide internally, but also ensuring confidentiality. We use specialized payroll software and can prepare customized payroll reports and salary slips. Our payroll services can be provided either as part of a general accounting package or on a stand-alone basis.
We believe that our ability to provide a modern, web–based, integrated financial system in combination with an experienced and dedicated staff makes NYC the best alternative for our valued clients.

We invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about our accounting services and our commitment to the highest level of professional service.

Auditing Services

We have a team of fully qualified Thai Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) and can provide full statutory audit, internal audit and accounting systems review and design of internal control.

Full Statutory External Audit
Statutory audit services are offered through our separate audit Company. Using in-house audit programs that are designed to ensure acceptable audit risk and appropriate and complete audit procedures, our auditor will conduct an examination of your accounting records in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. As a result of our audit, we will frequently be able to provide you with value-added observations and recommendations, particularly in the area of internal control.

Internal Audit 
We are able to conduct our audit in accordance with Internal Audit Professional Framework (I.P.P.F) and/or Headquarter policy to ensure that the effective internal controls are in place and consistently performed.
Our service team include qualified internal auditor who are Certified Internal Auditor (C.I.A.) of Institution of Internal Auditor (I.I.A) of USA to deliver the valued professional service to our clients.
The scope of service also include special audit as requested by our clients such as rule and regulation compliance audit.

Accounting System Reviews
We can perform a detailed review of either your overall accounting system or of specific areas such as inventory control or costing methods. As part of this process, we can also assess the suitability to your business of specialized accounting software package or additional internal control which may needed.

Design of Internal Control
For the firm who need to set up or tighten internal control, our service teams are able to fulfill those requirements ranging from private company or to be Listed company or Public company.

Tax Services

We provide the advice that enables company to solve their tax problems. We offer high level strategic advice designed to help company plan their local tax affairs efficiently, particularly with regard to the payment of local corporate tax and to the VAT implications or other tax exposure in relation to Thai Revenue Code.  Additionally, we also help our client once he is summoned by Revenue Department by acting as his representative or coordinator.

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If any of our services have sparked your curiosity or if you have questions, we invite you to send us a message. We’re here to provide the information and assistance you need to make informed decisions about your financial needs. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.